First theme 2024: ‘Most beautiful & ugliest place in Enschede’

First theme 2024: ‘Most beautiful & ugliest place in Enschede’

Eight photos from Enschede & Eight photos from Palo

‘The first theme for the exchange with the Palo Alto Camera Club is known: take a photo of the most beautiful and the ugliest place in Enschede. They do the same thing in Palo Alto. The idea is that more themes will follow after this. Per theme, eight photos from Enschede and eight photos from Palo Alto are published on a website. We invite you all to join us. Roald, Hans and I will then select eight photos and send them to Palo Alto. We will also post an album with all submitted photos on Facebook, as well as the eight submitted photos from Palo Alto. In June there will be an opportunity for the photographers from Palo Alto and Enschede to discuss the photos via a Zoom call.

The photos (one beautiful, one ugly) can be sent to via no later than May 22. Please original format. Martin will shrink them for use online. The original will come in handy in the event that there is a physical exhibition from this project later, which is also a possibility.

Put JeName_Enschede_Mooi/Ugly.jpg in the file name, like;
MartinKleinSchaarsberg_Enschede_Mooi.jpg and

In addition, please provide a brief explanation of the photos. That is allowed in Dutch. If you can also say it in English, that is also welcome, otherwise we will translate it.

Enschede, 20/04’24 Hans, Roald and Martin

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