Enschede City of the Future?

Enschede City of the Future?

Enschede is the place for technology, innovation and creativity. In every possible way you can imagine. Nothing is too crazy for this city when it comes to special inventions, cool projects, groundbreaking research and global applications. I did some research and collected some of those technological and innovative facts, facts and other news.

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Home is where the WIFI is
Something you might want to do without, but it has become an indispensable part of our lives: WiFi. A fantastic home-grown invention and even with an Enschede touch. Few people know that the origins of WiFi lie with a UT alumnus: Cees Links. After studying Electrical Engineering and mastering Applied Mathematics, Cees led a team that worked on a wireless connection of computers to a network. Tadaa, in 1988 the technology of WiFi was invented.

Yet it still took a long time before WiFi was available everywhere. It only became a world wine phenomenon when Cees Links talked to Steve Jobs and Apple implemented it on their computers. Cees Links received the Golden Mousetrap Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.

photo ICT gebouw @ Henk Snuverink

Working on the world of tomorrow
In the years that I walked around the campus of the University of Twente every day, I did not actually realize what a special place that campus actually is. The university is not just concerned with educating the next generation. No, they are also working non-stop on development on the campus of the Enschede University. Hundreds of researchers work there every day to devise and develop solutions for global issues.

photo ‘Port Area’ of ​​Enschede @ Adri Ekker

photo ‘football stadium FC Twente’ of ​​Enschede @ Andre van der Molen

On campus you will find first-class research institutes focused on nanotechnology (more below), ICT, biomedical technology and technical medicine, governance & behavioral sciences, engineering and geo-information sciences and earth observation. Did you know that you could find all these research institutes on campus? I had no idea! The university is therefore a real gold mine when it comes to technology and innovation.

photo Nanolab @ University of Twente

Nanotechnology at the highest level
The large red building on the University of Twente campus is not unknown to anyone who has ever been to the campus. This large red building is the Mesa+ Nanolab, one of the most advanced nanotechnology research institutes in the world for nanoscale research. More than 500 researchers work together here on cutting-edge research at the highest level.

Physics, electrical engineering, chemistry and mathematics come together here in all kinds of research and projects, where everything revolves around stability, control and safety. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter, so mega mega small. An almost unimaginably small scale. What should you think about? Chips to measure electrical activity in brain cells or research into the storage of (sustainable) energy. Nanotechnology is not called the technology of the future for nothing!

Source reference: Municipality of Enschede

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