We chose to involve the members of Fotoclub de Zoeker in delivering photo’s of beautiful and ugly Enschede. We received 26 pictures of which Hans, Martin and Roald made a selection. We gave ourselves some time to think about these photos. Of course there was one criterium: The viewer should recognise Enschede. After sharing our thoughts we made a final selection.
In the ugly pictures there is garbage on the street, graffiti on a map and houses/shops in decay. In the beautiful pictures the viewer sees parts of Enschede’s cultural heritage and a bit of modernness which characterizes Enschede as well the last years.


  1. The map of Enschede, which should guide the visitor, is almost fully sprayed with graffiti. It is hard to find your way.
  2. If your destiny is a place to deliver your waste in a good environmental way, maybe you should go for another option: look at all the garbage which is dumped by your fellow citizens just beside the containers. It’s a shame!
  3. Some time ago you could enjoy a fine dinner at Ninive’s in the Hogeland district. Nowadays, looking at the take away, you will think over getting your meal there again. Almost the same in another district of Enschede.
  4. The shop, which sold probably dish washers, washing machines etc., has come to a high degree of decay.
13 pictures Ugly Lelijk Enschede


  1. In the city centre de Oude Markt. The bustling heart of Enschede, where everyone meets each other. Not to see at this photo is de Grote Kerk (big church) at the same square in which many people of Enschede experienced a variety of life events.
  2. One district in Enschede is Pathmos, a beautiful cultural heritage with a typical building style of houses, meant voor workers in the textile Industries.
  3. There is another square in the city centre, called ei van Ko (egg of Ko, named after a former mayor), at which you can see the city hall. The photo is made at King’s day, a day of joy with a lot of festivities, enjoyed by thousands of visitors.
  4. Enschede is developing, beautiful modern buildings are rising. Here an example of a conversion of a bank building to an apartment complex.
13 pictures BeautifulMooi Enschede

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